Rell – Portfolio

The first drawing is about the future visiting the past, seeing how things have changed and seeing how he used to be.

The second image is about living in the moment, carefree, and not worrying about the future. Forgetting past mistakes, and just doing what makes you happy.

The third image is a self portrait. The highest set of eyes are of the past, young and curious about the future. The second set of eyes is the present, unsure and scare of what comes next. The black eye is a future of early death, whether from an accident or and attack. The crying eyes show a future of unhappiness, looking back at the past, wishing for something different. The last eye looks down, not looking at the past and has been satisfied with the life lived. 

The fourth drawing is of the present, thinking about the future, different routes that are available, unsure of what may lay ahead, as the unknown is scary. 






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